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Marland’s Grand Home Plans For Centennial In 2016

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Planning is underway for the Marland’s Grand Home centennial calendar of events by the Cultural Affairs Commission, Friends of Marland’s Grand Home and staff of the Marland’s Grand Home. Marland’s Grand Home will celebrate its 100th year in 2016. E.W. Marland, founder of the 101 Ranch Oil Company and Marland Oil, completed the home in 1916. He and his family, wife Mary Virginia, and adopted niece and nephew, Lydie and George Roberts, moved into their new home just in time for the Christmas holidays.

To prepare for the 100-year anniversary, planning meetings have been held since early fall with representatives of the three aforementioned groups.

History Articles by Decade

A series of monthly news articles, written by decade reflecting the history of the home, will be included in the Ponca City News beginning in January of 2016. These articles will cover the various owners of the home, i.e. the Marland family, Dan Moran, the Paris family, and the City of Ponca City.

Public History Presentations

Three public presentations by staff can be scheduled for community or school gatherings. The titles include “A Pathway in Time – the 100 Year History of the Marland Grand Home,” “Henry Hatashita, Marland’s Japanese Gardener,” and “Mary Virginia’s Trunk,” a show-n-tell on personal items used in the 1920s.

Look and Learn Scavenger Hunts

Staff is preparing three “Look and Learn” scavenger hunts for both adults and students covering Native American history - 1870s to 1900s, the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show Cowboys - 1890s to 1920s, and the Marland Oil Industry - 1900s to 1930s. These scavenger hunts will be used in tandem with the artifacts displayed in the home and will help the visitor gain understanding about the Oklahoma Native American tribes, cowboys, and oil of Oklahoma. Scavenger hunt documents will be posted on the Marland Grand Home web site for teacher review prior to a site visit.

Historic Trees and Shrubs

The Legacy Tree Project will make available for purchase trees and shrubs to re-landscape Marland’s Grand Home. The project will begin this spring. Plants will be chosen by considering a historic planting list in keeping with the site and will be planted in appropriate locations based on present day use of the home and on past placement.

Secret Garden Tours

The original Marland gardens ran east from Marland’s Grand Home to 14th Street and were approximately four square blocks in total size. Although homes have since been built in those blocks, remnants of the Marland gardens can be found in many of the homes’ yards today. A Secret Garden Tour is being considered and would most likely take place next fall with some of the homeowners along Central Street and Grand Avenue participating. Visitors will go on a treasure hunt to find remnants of the formal gardens. An educational program on Henry Hatashita will be given at the Grand Home prior to the hunt.

Historic Holidays

The entire community was invited to join the Marlands in 1916 at their new home for an open house in celebration of its completion. Friends of Marland’s Grand Home, the Cultural Affairs Commission, and Marland’s Grand Home Staff plan to host a special 2016 Centennial version of that Marland Open House in December. Also, during the month of December re-enactor Santa’s from around the world will give presentations in each of the rooms telling their historic stories while also visiting with the public.

Visit historic Marland’s Grand Home Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Admission prices are adults-$5, military and seniors-$4, and youth-$2. Children under 6 years and Ponca City residents are free. Museum space holds exhibits on local Native American tribes, the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show, the E.W. Marland family, and the Marland Oil Company. Self guided tours can be taken at any time during public hours of operation. Special guided tours by a period costumed guide can be made available upon request. For more information contact Jayne Detten, Marland’s Grand Home, at 763-4580.

Contact: David Keathly, Marland Estate Manager, 767-0420