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Ponca City Information

Ponca City Information


The Ponca City Information website is not affiliated nor associated with the City of Ponca City, the website is provided by Kay County Media LLC as an information website for Ponca City, Oklahoma.

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Ponca City History: 1876 - 2014

During the year of 2007, Oklahomans celebrated their state's centennial.

As a part of the commemoration, The Ponca City News published a "Centennial Countdown" column each Sunday.

This column highlighted many historic events in the Ponca City area, starting with 1876 and finishing with 2007.

We have taken this information and added to the website, and we have added from 2008 to date.

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Resident Guide

What are you looking for in...Ponca City? - This section is to assist you in locating information in reference to other areas and services in Ponca City.

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Ponca Military Academy

Established in 1940 by the late Colonel William V. Cox and his wife, Blanche, Ponca Military Academy stood for 34 years as an institution dedicated to the growth and advancement of young men. The PMA played a big part in helping educate not only young men from Oklahoma, but throughout the country.

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