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Ponca City Information

Resident Guide - Education

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GED Pioneer Technology Center 762-8336
Northern Oklahoma College 1220 E. Grand Avenue, Tonkawa 580-628-6200
OSU Cooperative Extension Center Newkirk 580-362-3194
Pioneer Technology Center 2101 N. Ash Street 762-8336
Since 1973, the citizens of the Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) school district have provided the resources and support needed to fulfill the district’s mission of enhancing lives and securing futures. Through this support, PTC is able to offer occupationally specific programs to emergent workers in the career clusters of trade and industry, health, family and consumer sciences, and business and information technology. Each year, over 500 high school and adult students enroll in programs to gain the knowledge and skills they need to find success in life.

In addition to providing programs for the emergent workforce, Pioneer Technology Center provides an array of services for existing companies, start-up businesses, and industries relocating into their service area; as well as adults who want to update or enhance existing job skills. Because they are a part of a statewide network of technology centers, they have access to an unlimited pool of expertise that can help companies be more profitable through increased efficiency, quality standards, and certifications that qualify them to work nationally and, in some cases, internationally. Each year over 8,000 individuals take advantage of these offerings that, in turn, enhance the area’s business climate and economy, providing an increased number of jobs within the district.

Along with quality occupationally specific programs, Pioneer Technology Center offers programs that allow students to find success in core academic subjects. Through the ABE/GED program, adult students without a high school diploma can gain the knowledge needed to earn a GED. Students whose native language is not English can take advantage of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. For high school students at risk of not earning a high school diploma, PTC works with partnering K-12 schools to provide academic enhancement and credit recovery opportunities to assist them in meeting graduation requirements.
Pioneer Technology Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 9 pm and Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Call or visit the campus to enroll or for additional information on programs and services.
Ponca City Board of Education 111 W. Grand Avenue 767-8000
Pre-School Traditional
Child Development Center 702 E. Grand Avenue 762-1932
Country Day Learning Center 109 W. Prospect Avenue 762-4453
KidsCare Learning Center 1304 Princeton Avenue 762-8800
Osage Nation Head Start 64173 US Hwy 60 762-0412
Pioneer Technology Center 2101 N. Ash Street 762-8336
Ponca City Early Head Start 433 S. Elm Street 762-7522
Ponca City Head Start 407 S. Ash Street 765-1173
Tammy’s Playskool and Learning Center 308 S. Pine Street 765-3135
Training Skills Lab (Special Ed) 2617 N Union 767-8037
Pre-School Church-Based
First Baptist Church 218 S. 6th Street 765-3435
First Christian Church-Wee Care 210 N. 5th Street 762-1667
First Lutheran Preschool 1104 N. 4th 762-4243
First United Methodist-Mother’s Day Out 200 S. 6th 762-3069
Miss Nan’s Christian Day Care & Preschool 1519 N. Union Avenue 765-9939
Ponca City Christian Academy 901 Monument Road, Bldg. 3 765-6038
St. Mary’s Catholic Pre-School 415 S. 7th Street 765-4387
St. Paul’s United Methodist-Kids Special Time 1904 North Pecan 765-7512
School Registration    
First Lutheran School 1104 N. 4th Street 762-4243
Northern Oklahoma College 1220 E. Grand -Tonkawa 580-628-6200
Pioneer Technology Center 2101 N. Ash Street 762-8336
Ponca City Christian Academy 901 Monument Road, Bldg. 3 765-6038
Ponca City Schools Administration 111 W. Grand Avenue 767-8000
St. Mary’s Catholic School 415 S. 7th Street 765-4387
University Center at Ponca City 2800 N. 14th Street 718-5600
The University Center at Ponca City offers college and university degree programs and coursework from several Oklahoma higher education institutions.

The University Center provides associate, bachelor and master’s degree programs. Degree programs to choose from include: Accounting, Adult Education Management/Administration, Business Administration, Computer Science, Counseling Psychology, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership Administration, Elementary Education, Guidance and Counseling, Management, Organizational Leadership, Secondary Education, Special Education, Psychology and much more!

Courses are taught through distance learning channels, such as interactive television, as well as professors who teach in person at the University Center.

Interactive television allows students and instructors to see, hear and talk to one another as if they are physically sitting in the same classroom.

The University Center is located at 2800 N. 14th Street in Ponca City. Academic advisement is available Monday-Friday to assist in enrollment, admission and college or university selection. Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify. For detailed information, visit the University Center’s website.