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2012 — Child Development Center Reaches Milestone - This has been a historical year for the Child Development Center, Inc. of Ponca City. Reaching a milestone of 45 years of quality care and education to young children in Ponca City, CDC opened its doors to a brand new facility on Aug. 9, 2012. This new home will enable the center to care for additional children ranging from infants to pre-kindergarten.

Head Country Takes Lead in Food Safety - Food safety has always been a priority for Head Country Food Products. With its facilities inspected by state and federal agencies as well as by major clients such as Walmart and Advance Foods, the local manufacturer is considered to be a leader among Oklahoma’s food manufacturers in setting food safety standards.

Budget cuts are being blamed for the closing of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Regional Center of Pioneer Technology Center.

The school, formerly located at PTC was closed in July by the state.

The regional school was a branch of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, which provides advanced educational opportunities for high school juniors and seniors who are gifted in the areas of science and math.

“This was not PTC’s decision,” said Terri Busch, Communications and Marketing Coordinator for PTC.

“Dr. Edna Manning at the Oklahoma City office, informed us the decision to close the regional center in Ponca City was made at the state level, but we don’t think the closing will be permanent.”

Cookshack Formed in 1962 - Cookshack Formed in 1962 Cookshack, Inc. was formed on April 30th, 1962 in Ponca City, Oklahoma by Gene and Judy Ellis. The Ellis family has held ownership and maintained operations through two generations and continues to keep Cookshack, Inc. a family business. Cookshack is located at 2304 North Ash.

A new school grading system that will take the place of the former accreditation system was among several items recently discussed at the regular Ponca City Board of Education meeting.

Modern Investment Casting Company (MICC) was founded in Ponca City in 1982 by Rick Brewer. Brewer established the foundry specifically to supply his other companies with locally sourced and quality parts made of materials including all grades of stainless steel,
high and low grade carbon steel, bronze and aluminum.

Dave Cashon, the current owner, bought MICC in 1993 and continues to operate a state of the art foundry for applying the unique “Lost Wax” investment casting process.

Pioneer Rental and Equipment, 1415 West South Avenue, has been acquired by Hertz Global Holdings Inc. The firm’s corporate office has been in Ponca City for the past eight years. The company is the largest independent rental company in Oklahoma. The company’s market extends throughout Oklahoma and into the Denton/Dallas area of Texas.

Several new businesses have opened recently indicating this is a good time to invest businesses in Ponca City. These include Drab to Fab, Pretty Coat Junction, and Photography by Jes.

In celebration of the Oklahoma Centennial, ConocoPhillips constructed the Conoco Museum. Opened in May 2007, this world-class museum has hosted over 30,000 visitors from around the world.

In 2011 the Conoco Museum was awarded the Outstanding Historical Museum in Oklahoma by the Oklahoma Historical Society. The museum was cited for featuring remarkable artifacts, photographs and other material that were expertly displayed and interpreted.

The Daily Grind, 202 East Grand Avenue, a mainstay of the restaurant scene in downtown Ponca City has reopened. The restaurant has undergone some remodeling and has a new trained staff. Tina Olivers is the new manager.

Mazzio’s Italian Eatery celebrated 25 years in September.

Mazzio’s Italian Eatery was built and opened in September of 1987 by Marc and Kathy Leavell as Mazzio’s Pizza. They had already been a part of Ponca City since 1983 as the owners of Ken’s Pizza where the ATM is now at Pioneer Bank at Fourteenth Street and Prospect. At the time Ken’s Pizza was evolving into Mazzio’s Pizza because Ken Selby who founded the company wanted something that sounded more Italian with a heavy specialty product. Thus Mazzio’s was created in 1979.

Over the years the building and parking lot has grown to the present configuration at 720 East Prospect.

Edwin Fair Mental Health Center Marks 50 Years

Osage Casinos is building a new casino, including the addition of a 48-room fullservice hotel at the Ponca City location. The casino and hotel will be designed by Marnell Companies, an architectural firm know for its work on The Bellagio and Rio casinos in Las Vegas.

Devinney Law Firm is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The practice was founded in 2002 by Jim Devinney. In 2003, Lee Turner joined the practice and Devinney Turner Law Firm was formed. Last year, Lee was appointed Special District Judge of Kay County and once again the practice became Devinney Law Firm.

89.7 The House FM Celebrates 20 Years Starting in 1992 one man’s dream began to come to life. A dream to bring Christian radio to northern Oklahoma, and like most dreams it had a modest beginning starting with a 60-foot tower and shed in a back yard. But with God
powering the vision, a much larger facility was found to house a big radio station. A former TV broadcast studio building complete with a tower was acquired at a fire sale price. And there was plenty of room to grow. The vision grew stronger as more and more people donated
their time and money to get the station started. People painted billboards, remodeled rooms, wired studios, and organized music, all to help get Christian music on the air.

Lighthouse Counseling Clinic opened their doors on Sept. 1st, 2012 at 1912 Lake Road, Ponca City, OK by licensed professional Counselor’s --Laura Peitz and Samantha Wohl.

Grand Opening Set Nov. 2 for Photography by Jes

Cable One Launches Latest HBO Streaming Services

Ponca City Medical Center was named one of the nation’s Top Performers on Key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of health care organizations in America.