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1964 — The Quo Vadis Motor Hotel at 212 S. 14th St. opened on Feb. 5. The new $800,000 complex had four buildings with a Roman architectural motif – a private club, dining and meeting facilities, the Status Quo private club, sunken garden, a swimming pool, and 88 luxury units. Ponca City theaters showed the spectacle movie, “Quo Vadis,” as a salute to the opening of the new hotel.

A public hearing was held for a rezoning request. An Oklahoma City group planned to construct a 32-unit apartment complex in the Country Club Second Subdivision. There were several outspoken homeowners at the hearing who were opposed to the project, concerned that the development would deter potential homebuilders in the area.

On Jan. 7, Rev. and Mrs. P.T. Stanford announced their retirement from the Daily Radio Revival. The program had been aired each day on WBBZ for the past 28 years.

The Security Bank was the first bank in the 27-state area of the Midwest Division of IBM to complete installation of an automation program. They installed a 1440 computer, which contained five units. The new machine would reduce posting time on checking accounts to one hour and 20 minutes a day. The machine also posted statistical information for all accounts.

The Ponca City Swimming Assn., headed by W.W. Woods, received permission from the city to renovate and reopen the Darr School Pool, which had not been used since the end of World War II. The swimming program would help students improve their athletic skills. The local Jaycees initiated a $2500 fund raising campaign for the rehabilitation project, led by Ralph Beaty.

A new ordinance was approved to allow motorcycles to carry a passenger.

JoAnn Muchmore was selected for the role of the empress, one of the lead roles in an upcoming Ponca Playhouse production of “Anastasia.”

On March 4, Kaw Reservoir boosters were assured that the project was on schedule.

A representative of the Corps of Engineers reported it was rare that such a project could be authorized and an appropriation for planning passed by Congress in the same fiscal year. After study of three proposed sites, the original site proposed by the Corps was selected.

The Library bought its first copy machine.

David J. Sutton, Inc., the oldest car dealer in Ponca City, held a grand opening at its new location, 2701 N. 14th St. Originally at First Street and South Avenue in 1947, the dealership had later moved to Fifth and Central.

Camp Fire Girls celebrated 50 years in Ponca City. Many churches observed Camp Fire Sunday, and each school held Dad-Daughter box suppers during March. The girls decorated downtown store windows to commemorate the anniversary.

Home Demonstration Units held their annual district meeting in Ponca City. There were 700 women representing 17 counties, meeting at the Hutchins Auditorium. Two weeks later, the National Security Seminar was held at Hutchins. Reservists displayed weapons and equipment on the grounds, including an 8-inch Howitzer. Nearly 1000 people gathered for the keynote speaker, Air Force Major General W.S. Steele.

It was reported that major crimes in Ponca City decreased by 28% during 1963.

Ponca City Savings and Loan hit $100 Million in assets. W.D. Beard was president of the company.