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Marland Mansion Side Tour

Ornaments Above You - A Tour Of Ceilings

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Sparing no expense, Marland gathered artisans from all over the world to work on his palace during the three years it was under construction. One of the most notable was Vincent Margliotti, an internationally known Italian mural artist. He and his assistants are responsible for all of the ornately painted ceilings in the mansion.

As you enter the Mansion, you are greeted by the first of the Margliotti ceilings. The intricate detail of the lobby ceiling sets the tone for our tour. Mr. Marland's "Palace on the Prairie" has the warmth of a cozy hunting lodge and the class of the world's finest castles. Simply raise your eyes to experience these priceless treasures.

This walnut ceiling is stenciled with five repeating patterns on the insets and the fleur-de-lis pattern with dragons on the beams.