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The Pioneer Woman Museum showcases the history of women in Oklahoma and their influence on the development of the state and nation and preserves the legacy of women from all races, creeds, and nationalities who have made significant contributions to the history of Oklahoma. The world-famous 30 ft. tall bronze statue commemorating the heroic character of the women who braved dangers and hardships to settle in Oklahoma is featured.

In 1957, ground was broken for construction of a 3000 sq. ft. museum to feature the relics of pioneer life. The Pioneer Woman Museum was dedicated on September 16, 1958, with a dedicatory address by Governor Raymond Gary. In 1991 the Pioneer Woman Museum came under the direction of the Oklahoma Historical Society and in 1996, a major expansion project began. The Pioneer Woman Museum was rededicated in April 1998 with the completion of the expansion project, adding 7000 sq. ft. (for a total of 10,000 sq. ft.) to the building.

The Pioneer Woman now features exhibits showcasing women who have pioneered in various fields throughout Oklahoma’s history, up to the present day; educational activities for young and old; and information and artifacts about the daily life of Oklahoma’s Cherokee Strip homesteaders.

Regarding the Pioneer Woman Museum, Architect Rand Elliott states,

The structure should not be a statement of current fashion, but instead possess a timeless architectural quality that ages gracefully. A museum must be a structure whose integrity is a proud example of the collection it houses, and in this particular case, it must be a reflection of the spirit of the Pioneer Woman Statue itself.

Because the sunbonnet is such a strong symbol of the pioneering women of history, Elliot envisioned the copper-lined entrance to the museum as being representative of the statue’s bronze sunbonnet. Punched through the top of the 20-foot tall copper bonnet are 12-inch letters, which read, “I SEE NO BOUNDARIES.” The mirrored glass door reflects Bryant Baker’s Pioneer Woman Statue as you approach the entrance.

The museum preserves the legacy of women from all races, creeds and nationalities who have contributed to the development of Oklahoma.

The museum's education center features craft demonstrations, special exhibits, an interactive timeline and the Pioneer Woman Walk of Fame. The museum is dedicated to the enduring spirit of women - past, present, and future - who see no boundaries.