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Lake Ponca Park

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Lake Ponca Park

The area south of the spillway and dam on West Lake Ponca is known as Lake Ponca Park. It was the original campsite for the CCC in 1935. A huge stone shelter remains complete with two large fireplaces and tables and benches.

There is a stone restroom building, stone paths, stone entrance gates and two pedestrian stone bridges constructed during this project.

Constructed at the same time were numerous fireplaces and outdoor ovens.

Pedestrian bridges and a natural limestone paths run through portions of the park.

Shelter House

Located across Turkey Creek is a shelter which has become known as the “Crows Nest” as it sets on the bluff overlooking Lake Ponca Park below. The shelter was constructed of native stone and has an adjacent patio with fire pit Stone steps still lead down to the creek below. Along the western edge of the creek is the limestone bedrock from which the stone was quarried during the busy building period of the 1930’s.